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First up a huge thank you! To anyone who has favourited or watched my page, (that would sound very stalkerish in a different context), 3 months on and many a year after I started taking photographs that were not incomprehensible blurred and I have finally either made a massive mistake or an amazing investment. I have a new camera! It joins my other gadget children and I absolutely love it! I do keep telling myself that there will be no point during my uni year that I will regret getting it, but that will become a lie sooner or later. Regardless this means lots more photographs and maybe even some half decent ones. Self-deprecation is a talent, it really is. I've bee experimenting and getting to grips with it and all it beautifully shiny amazing gadgetyness, (I know that not a word, but it is now.), so I'll be able to give you some nice new photos of beasties, blossoms and beautiful places.

So, with another huge thank you to everyone and that rambling announcement done. Have a great day and have a great life.


Under Open Skies by Slinkys-and-dragons
Under Open Skies
Another landscape. Another Lizard Peninsular Photo. the skies were so dramatic this day I had to get at least one decent photograph and this is okay if i do say so myself. That title is looking suspiciously pretentious but never mind. like the last one "upon a hillside" this was taken along the same cliff and again I probably should have been facing the otherway looking out over the sea. Anyway this was the result, as always this was all camera settings and filters because I don't have photoshop because I spent all my money on the camera. Happy scrolling and I hope you enjoy!
Upon a Hillside by Slinkys-and-dragons
Upon a Hillside
I told you there would be more. This was on the lizard peninsula, still in Cornwall. I could have taken an amazing photo of the cliff i was dangling my legs of (because I'm nuts) or the amazing see view as the cloud rolled in, but no. I decided to take a close up of some grassland plantlife, because if i can't take the perfect photo of the view with a wide angle lens that i don't own then whats the point? I did take some actually I'm just undecided whether I like them enough to put them on here.

All madness and stupid thinking aside I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful procrastination unless you're not procrastinating and then enjoy the fact you have the ability to focus on life.    
On the fence by Slinkys-and-dragons
On the fence
Another landscape another bit of artsy blurry background effect. This is looking over a field near St Austell in Cornwall when I was off camping there was such a melodramatic sky I spent that day endeavoring to imitate the photography style similar to The Living and the Dead series that was on the BBC, there weren't any readily available crop fields (actually that's a lie but it was always on the way to somewhere or I thought I'd go back later and never did.) but I still fiddled around with the camera until something cool came out of it. I think that 90% of armature photography if I'm honest, just point the camera at something and hope. It was a fun week and I'll load up some more photographs along with this one. I hope you enjoy and have a lovely scroll through Deviantart. 
A single blade by Slinkys-and-dragons
A single blade
Grass. fascinating isn't it. I wanted to try out something new so I took some photos purposely out of focus to see what the effects would be and this one came out quite well. So enjoy my slightly abstract photograph there may be more there may not, I do not plan my photographs at the moment, I don't think I even edited this one but there didn't seem to be a need to. Have a lovely life and I hope you liked it. Although if i look at it too long it does weird things to my eyes and brain.  
Summer blooms by Slinkys-and-dragons
Summer blooms
And here we have more flower. In my defense they are the easiest to photograph when you're getting to grips with a new camera. The center of focus was just a little off from what I wanted, but I am dead pleased with how the bottom glower came out and to be honest being wonky gives it character and I can always come up with a convoluted reason for having it off center if it really starts to eat away at me and destroy my life. It won't. As for the flowers themselves they are hollyhocks and flower throughout the late spring and summer. 

And with all that said I hope you like them, thank you for looking and happy scrolling. 

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